Online shop of the Vakuum tehnik d.o.o. company wants to oblige wishes of all buyers, that is why we deliver purchased goods at optimum prices without profit margin on your address within 1-3 days after receiving the payment, if the material is in-stock and on whole area of Republic of Slovenia.

If the product is in-stock, the time of delivery is two to three days from the receiving of the email notification on your email address that your order was sent, in other case it takes some time more.

In case of the buyer not being present at the delivery, the product can be taken over by an adult who lives in the same household with the buyer or another person who has authorization for take-over. A person who takes over the delivered product, confirms the take over of the product and all documentation with a signature on the form of delivery and gives her /his own name, surname and the date of take-over and relationship towards the orderer.

The time of delivery for products that are not in-stock is from 5 to 30 days, except for materials that were not delivered from the manufacturer on time or have unexpectedly been cancelled, for what the buyer will be notified on time and the whole purchased money will be returned.