KOMPATTA central power unit KT30 – 4.6 kW – 380V three-phase

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KOMPATTA central power unit KT30 – 4.6 kW – 380V three-phase


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KOMPATTA central power unit KT30 – 4.6 kW – 380V three-phase

» Kompatta KT line

The Kompatta three-phase line, called “KT”, was designed and built to meet the requirements of the tertiary/professional sector.
Made to the high Aertecnica standards, the new KT range has been realised with a “PLUG & PLAY” concept, to offer our installer total reliability, and in particular fast installation, so the product can be put into service as quickly as possible, while also reducing the overall dimensions of the installation.

The three-phase Kompatta, is designed as a monobloc structure, divided into three sections:

  • Top Section: motor compartment.
  • Central Section: dust-catcher filter.
  • Bottom Section: cyclone and cleaned material storage.

The Kompatta KT range has been designed to offer the maximum versatility and meet the requests of a market that is constantly evolving and all the more demanding.
The chief characteristics of this product are as follows:

  • Range of 8 models
  • Can be used by 1-3 operators simultaneously
  • Dust-catcher filter
  • Dust-catcher filter, with self-cleaning system
  • Mechanical adjustment of the vacuum
  • Electronic adjustment of the vacuum
  • Electrical board integrated in machine body
  • Built-in soundproofed compensation valve.

Particular care has been taken to guarantee silent operation. The use of composite materials and anti-vibration polyurethane on the moving parts has made it possible to obtain this excellent acoustic performance, and increase efficiency to a level which is significantly higher than the norm.

The dust-catcher filter has a filtering surface area of roughly 5 m² and is made of washable polyester. Furthermore, the use of the self-cleaning system guarantees greater efficiency, so the machine always runs with a perfectly clean filter, reducing possible load loss caused by a dirty cartridge. The dust bin of the Kompatta KT has a capacity of 150 litres for long duration and this also reduces cleaning and maintenance.

The new Kompatta KT line has been designed with our installers in mind!!

The PLUG & PLAY technology lets you reduce the time required for connecting the central unit to a minimum. The monobloc structure doesn’t need any additional connections, including electrical connections, as these are made with quick-fit connectors and standard terminal blocks.

Description Value
Part number CIKT30
Simultaneous operators n. 3
Self-cleaning NO
Power supply (V) 380
Motor input (W) 4600
Motor revolutions (rpm) 3500
Power supply at sockets (V) 12
Airflow (m3/h) 650
Vacuum max (mmH2O) 4500
Dimensions (LxDxH) 92X76X196
Mass (kg) 152
Diameter (D) (cm) 56
Noise level (dB) <70
Filter cartridge surface area (m2) 5
Filter cartridge material POLIESTERE
Dust bin capacity (litres) 150
Air inlet/outlet diameter (mm) 80/80

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Weight 155 kg